Self-adhesive Embossed Labels

Self-adhesive Labels for Wines & Spirits

There is only one opportunity to make the first positive impression – make it memorable with our premium embossed self-adhesive bottle labels

At TEO Italy we are specialized in production of traditional self-adhesive film, paper, wine paper labels, which are supplied to a diverse marketplace: food, beverage, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Very latest flexo and offset printing techniques, enable us to provide award winning quality in combination with an impressive range of embellishments, including hot/cold foil stamping, high build varnish, textured varnishes, unique multi-level embossing profiles, customized die-cut, sequential numbering for high-end products.

We have pioneered flexible ALU substrate for high-end products

Through many years of experience and commitment to innovations in production techniques, extrusion and lamination, we have not rested on our laurels and pioneered a unique, patented material – Flexible ALU substrate with definite embossing.

Self-adhesive ALU bottle labels became an essential marketing tool for high-end brands, ideally suited for classic and modern packaging solutions can be exquisitely combined with paper labels, what creates some extra attention to the brand.

Exceptional flexibility and unique features of the material enable even the most sophisticated design ideas become a reality.

We are constantly experimenting and developing the new materials for bottle label production; invest in new techniques to make sure we remain at the forefront of the label industry.

 Self-adhesive ALU label advantages:

  • Three dimensional multi-level embossing;
  • Various embossing profiles;
  • Tactile appeal;
  • Customized die-cut shape;
  • Adheres to most surfaces;
  • Versatile, strong however lightweight;
  • Available for automatic or manual application.

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    Polylaminate and PVC capsules

    PVC and polylaminate capsules for wine bottles

    We offer PVC and polylaminate capsules

    Opening a bottle of wine has already become a real cult, both for experts and sommeliers or for simple wine lovers. There are many rules that have been formed over the years and that must be respected. Someone calls this ritual “uncorking”. But everything, in any case, begins with the capsule.

    To live up to this ritual, TECHNOLOGIA offers a wide selection of caps for wine bottles in polylaminate and PVC made with suitable and economical materials, but always with high prestigious and design.

    Our R&D constantly tests new elements, to provide all customers with an environmentally friendly solution using recyclable films.






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      Wirehoods for Sparkling Wine

      Wirehoods - the classic closure for sparkling wine and champagne

      Wirehoods - an integral part of the representation of your sparkling wine brand

      TECHNOLOGIA combines high quality products with an elegant design style, always maintaining a competitive price.

      We use the most advanced decoration techniques to transform your wirehoods into a real jewel, which will allow you to differentiate yourself and add value to your bottles.

      Considering the modern bottling industry, our company produces any type of wirehoods used for sparkling wines. Wirehoods with free belt (the best solution for modern high-speed bottling lines), wirehoods without cap, wirehoods with fixed belt for economic lines, bridge-wirehoods for sparkling drinks sealed with a plastic cap.



      Beer and ciders



      Technical Options

      Top disc colour

      silver, gold, printed


      in register with printing


      oriented, non-oriented

      Wirehoods height without top disc

      33,8-38 mm

      Colored wire

      diameter 0.95-1.00 mm


      twist in, out, ring


      free, fixed

      Wirehoods height with top disc

      38-40 mm

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        Sparkling wine capsules

        Wide Range of Sparkling Wine Capsules

        TECHNOLOGIA constantly applies to the development of new decoration techniques to improve the sparkling wine capsules design.

        An ever-modern packaging is possible thanks to the wide range of decorations of capsules for sparkling wine.

        Wine capsules represent a peculiar category in the world of wine packaging and immediately make a bottle of sparkling wine very prestigious.

        For the production of sparkling wine capsules, we develop and use only ecological and appropriate materials. Thanks to the technical skills acquired in over 20 years of experience in extrusion, lamination, printing, engineering and tool manufacturing, we are firmly positioned among the world leaders in this field.

        Perfect slim


        Solid top







        We create materials with use of energy saving technologies and eco-friendly solutions.

        Our customer has an option to choose out of a wide range of the cost-saving eco-friendly materials without any compromise in quality of the final product and performance while application on the high speed bottling equipment.

        At the same time we offer the most premium sparkling wine capsules out of high caliper materials to highlight the exclusivity of a sparkling wine brand.

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