Sparkling wine capsules

Wide Range of Sparkling Wine Capsules

TECHNOLOGIA constantly applies to the development of new decoration techniques to improve the sparkling wine capsules design.

An ever-modern packaging is possible thanks to the wide range of decorations of capsules for sparkling wine.

Wine capsules represent a peculiar category in the world of wine packaging and immediately make a bottle of sparkling wine very prestigious.

For the production of sparkling wine capsules, we develop and use only ecological and appropriate materials. Thanks to the technical skills acquired in over 20 years of experience in extrusion, lamination, printing, engineering and tool manufacturing, we are firmly positioned among the world leaders in this field.

Perfect slim


Solid top







We create materials with use of energy saving technologies and eco-friendly solutions.

Our customer has an option to choose out of a wide range of the cost-saving eco-friendly materials without any compromise in quality of the final product and performance while application on the high speed bottling equipment.

At the same time we offer the most premium sparkling wine capsules out of high caliper materials to highlight the exclusivity of a sparkling wine brand.

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